Shopping for Fashion in Multiverse (Metaverse?)
Nauris Dorbe
CTO Virtuall

The power of 3D-enabled Sales and Marketing goes further yet.

Consider how brands sell their products today in traditional Retail or e-commerce.

Will they grow big from selling in one Store in one City?

Will they grow by advertising in only one channel?

There is a multiverse of 3D-enabled channels where brands’ virtual fashion can help drive brand value, community, sales, and marketing to new levels. Every such destination can be seen as a Country full of Stores.

Buying “skins” (virtual fashion) is already a 54B USD market established way before technology such as crypto and NFTs.

Two platforms alone represent over 500M potential customers for a brands virtual fashion; Zepeto and Roblox.

What if a brand could easily access all shops and destinations? (100x)

Read this great article on the topic: DRESSING FOR THE METAVERSE: LUXURY HAS ENTERED CYBERSPACE... reading in BoF!

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